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We all know that the Insurance for everything is very important. Car insurance is the smartest way to financially secure yourself and your car.  Here we will discuss the cheapest car insurance plans

A car insurance is the policy which covers your car against financial losses that you may face in case of accident or theft of car. You pay a certain amount as a premium to the insurance company to buy this cover, and they agree to pay for accidental damages and theft losses. As per IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority), it is mandatory for any vehicle running on Indian roads to be covered under an active car insurance policy.

Car insurance is given to you based on various factors like the brand and model of your car, what kind of driver are you, and your past car insurance history. You may opt only for a third party cover or a comprehensive car policy based on your need.

accidental car insuranceThe comprehensive policy is a package of different types of features (add-ons) like liability cover, accident cover, invoice cover, consumable cover, engine cover etc. All these are discussed in a separate section on our website.

Please note, while buying a car insurance, you are required to choose a deductible, which is the amount you are willing to pay, against the losses incurred. This amount determines the annual premium you will pay for your car insurance. Higher the deductible, lower the premiums.

Car Insurance Policies Types.
Here we share the types of the Car Insurance in in USA. The first is Third Party. It is liable for an accident and damages to someone else’s vehicle, this type of insurance comes in force. It is mandatory by law to have a third party insurance cover, before you start driving on roads. Liability insurance will cover the cost of repairs for any third party property damaged by an accident as well as the medical bills for the other person from resulting injuries.

This cover is mandatory for all cars. In this plane the case you meet with an accident and your car is damaged severely, this cover helps to bear the repair expenses. Also, if the damages are such that the repair expenses are exceeding the total value of the car, the collision cover pays the value of the car. This cover is important for expensive high-end cars. Comprehensive Cover covers the all types of damages under all unfortunate situations you may face with your car. It covers accidental damages, medical expenses to self and others and also, damages due to weather, natural calamities, car theft, and vandalism, which are not covered in other two insurances, are covered in comprehensive cover. It is not compulsory by law to have comprehensive coverage, but if it suits your budget, it is one of the most important insurance policies to have in your kitty if you are a regular driver.

When looking at the rankings of the top auto insurance companies in the United States, most of the names are recognizable due to their national television advertising campaigns. The top ten insurance companies offer varied insurance rates, customer claims experience and features. We discuss the top ten biggest auto insurance companies in the U.S. and what you should know about each of them below:

Here is top Car Insurance Providers in USA

State Auto Insurance Company

GEICO Auto Insurance Company

Progressive Auto Insurance Company

Allstate Auto Insurance Company

USAA Auto Insurance Company

State Auto Insurance Company

State Auto Insurance Company

State Auto Insurance Company

State Auto Insurance Company

State Auto Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

Farmers Auto Insurance
Nationwide Auto Insurance

Travelers Auto Insurance

American Family Auto Insurance

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