Activate Card – Login to check MyPrepaidCenter Balance

Activate my PrepaidcenterCard or sign in to your account using your card number for a member of Gain full access to your prepaid Visa or MasterCard if you create a profile. Access includes handling your own personal profile information, handling your card balance, viewing trade alerts, and incorporating numerous cards to the identical account.

Activation is required prior to cards can be used for purchases. Once you log in to your account the first time, your card will automatically be triggered. Use your card number and the expiration date to login or create a unique user ID name and then delegate your accounts a password that is designated. Activate Card

The site, is made available for the customer to handle their account of Credit Card as offered from the MetaBank. The website My prepaidcenter is handled by the BlackHawk Network Hldings, Inc (US), The Blackhawk Network joins brands and people through advanced trade, incentives and engagement solutions. You may use this card to purchases in the store listed in the merchant list of the card supplier.

MyPrepaidCenter Login

Prior to going to log in at, you have to create a profile. You have to produce your profile using your information. After that, you’ll able to picking in and handling your balance and trade alerts. You can even add the multiple cards to your own account (if applicable). There’s two option for login at My PrepaidCenter website; 1. Sign in with your Username and Password and 2. Activate card/Sign in with your card number.

Create a Profile in

  • Open the said website,
  • Click ‘Create Profile’,
  • Enter First Name, Last Name
  • Enter’Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code (The security code is the last 3 digits on the back of your
  • Visa, MasterCard or Discover®, Prepaid Card).
  • Input’ Username’ as you wish.
  • Ener’ Email Address’
  • Choose and Answer the security question
  • Create your Login”Password”
  • Finally, Click “Create Profile”
  • Then, your login username and username will be created.
  • Characteristics of Portal
  • There are some key benefits and features that allure the consumers through the use of these portal services. myprepaidcenter

Features of Portal

  • The users have access to the information of the card and the best way to make use of it.
  • There are details relating to the payments, due dates, limit/remaining balance, etc..
  • Users can make payment of their due through the portal access of the banks via website.
  • Additionally, users can manage their PIN and other details while making use of this support.
  • Also, there are various deals that the users are able to reap the benefits of, like; getting 5% cash back on the usage of cards at diners, or videos, etc..

Myprepaidcenter Customer Service Number:

Customer Support Phone Numbers

  • +1888 900 2347 (American Express Cardholders)
  • +1877 227 0956 (Lost & Stolen)
  • +1888 842 0336 (Discover® Cardholders (US & Canada)
  • +1801 744 9918 (Discover® Cardholders (International)
  • +1 888 371 2109 (MasterCard Cardholders (US & Canada)
  • +1 339 234 6415 (MasterCard Cardholders (International)
  • +1 877 610 1075 (Visa Cardholders (US & Canada)
  • +1 801 214 8892 (Visa Cardholders (International
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