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PrepaidCardStatus ( Here we are describing you PrepaidCardStatus official log to their site that’s which enables you to take advantage of the card providers very easily. There is a very common usage of Prepaid Gift cards and credit or debit cards as compared to the hard money. There are many online portals which are present for the service to the card services. Here we will make you learn or gain a few parts of info that on PrepaidCardStatus Official Login.


This is the quickest and safest way to move your money throughout the world. This international leader in prepaid solutions today brings you a prepaid card status. The very best thing about prepaidcardstatus login not just can u access it from your computer but also login into your mobile. With this newly designed site, you can keep an eye on all your trades. Aside from this, you are able to keep all personal information safe and private. We have given a detailed explanation of how to activate and receive prepaidcardstatus login for both PC and mobile.

Prepaidcardstatus Activation Process

To activate your card you’ll have to visit the online site. The very first step in the practice is users need to have their card easy so they can be prepared to enter in their 16 digit card number. The website asks for your card number and the three digit code on the back.

Input both details into the right fields and click the Login button. The other solution for activating or logging in to your account would be to choose the blue”Use wallet username” link below Have a wallet?

If you don’t remember your login credentials use the self-explanatory troubleshooting links to find assistance with retrieving your login information.

How to log into your account

  • You want to go to the website
  • From there, you will need access to your card. The card has 16 digits in front of it. This is the number you will enter to log in.
  • Behind your card, there will be a 3-digit security code.
  • You will also need this number to log in.Prepaidcardstatus

Prepaid Card for Mobile Login Process:

Process for mobile is much like prepaid card stats used on PC for the login account.

  • In your mobile, start your browser and open this address A page resembles given below.
  • You can either use your card or you can delete the username to finish a prepaid card at login. When using the card first clarify the procedure. In the empty area for specifics, enter the card number and security code corresponding to your account accordingly.
  • Before attempting to log into, you have to check the box”I’m not a robot” for safety reasons. Do this and login to access your account.
  • Now in the event that you want to utilize your Wallet username to login, click the hyperlink below. This clearly says”utilize the Wallet username.” The next webpage will open.

Users will be able to login into the portal site in this manner. With this login, the consumers will have many advantages like; Check available Balance, contact customer care service, Update info on your card account, print transaction details, monthly statements, etc.. Users may also contact the card direction through this portal by sending them your query particulars.

To conclude, we’re confident that this article will be useful to all our readers. Until then, you can contact us in the case of suggestions or queries.

Updated: November 8, 2018 — 00:01

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