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www.60secondpremier.com – Have you received the pre-approved email from First Premier bank? If you’re seeking to get the very first Premier Platinum MasterCard and received this mail, then visit www.60secondpremier.com immediately. First Premier Bank is offering its customers to acquire the Platinum Card MasterCard and make better credit history by sending them pre-approved mails. If you have really acquired it, then visit a 60-second premier site and fill out the online process to get the credit card. Users just have to open a website and follow the easy directions to get their First Premier Credit Card in their address within a few days.


The site needs you to enter a verification code that’s present on thewww.60secondpremier.com that is a pre-approved site. This number is of nearly 9 to 4 amounts more, not less than that. Following the synchronization of the amount, you’ll have the ability to observe some different entries of your application. This program is populated in order to devote time in the process. After the finishing of this 60-second premiere program, just be patient for a minute or more for an online decision immediately the following acceptance and see if you are raising a credit line and card. If you have been accepted. You’ll be notified on the monitor.

Features of First Premier Platinum MasterCard

Before you submit an application to your very first Premier Platinum MasterCard, you need to know its own features. After obtaining the First Premier Platinum MasterCard, you can manage it and enjoy online services 24/7. Card Holders can visit www.60secondpremier.com and create an account. Through this account, they can find the particulars of trade history, online statements, current balance, and credit limit too. There’s absolutely no commission to log in and make a payment.

  • 175$ annual fee
  • 50$ of Monthly Service fee after a year
  • 6$ cash advance fee
  • 35$ late payment fee
  • 36% annual percentage rate
  • 700$ credit limit
  • 150$ security deposit

All these are the most crucial things about First Premier Platinum MasterCard which everybody should know before applying for this. After reading it, you can now apply for it easily with no difficulty by following the procedure provided below.60secondpremier

How to Apply for First Premier Card

  • First, type www.60secondpremier.com and press enter.
  • Enter the confirmation number in the box and go to “Enter” You will see a confirmation number on the pre-approved mail that you have received. This confirmation number will include 9 numbers and 4 letters.
  • After submitting the confirmation number, it will ask you to give some personal information such as name, contact number, address, monthly income etc.
  • Then, submit it.
  • It will take a minute to find out if the application for your credit card has been accepted or not.

About First Premier Bank Cards

First Premier Bank cards are intended to give people with poor credit a chance at having a credit card. Consumers who have lived through bankruptcy, foreclosure, and repossessions can receive a First Premier card fairly rapidly. The company will report each timely payment to 3 big credit bureaus every month. Timely payments to your credit card provider can help a person to recuperate from badly damaged credit. Occasionally, First Premier Bank is the only provider who will accept an individual with poor credit. The privilege doesn’t come without additional costs, however.

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